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Whether you are attempting to impress your boss or a new client, your presentation will make an impression on whomever you are targeting. Try to use technology to your advantage. PowerPoints are easy to view and create, but going above and beyond will show you put effort into it and maintain the interest of your audience. Including relevant images alongside your text are a nice touch. Embedded videos in the PowerPoint can take your presentation places you wouldn't have been able to otherwise. When possible boil down your talk to brief bullet points on your slides. If you rehearse you should recall additional details to expand on each of those talking points when delivering your presentation.
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Most of us will have to prepare a presentation at some point in time. Whether it's for a college course or for a job, the pressure of being embarrassed in front of a room of people can be overwhelming. If you have a fair amount of data you are trying to present a PowerPoint slideshow is the best way to go. Keep the slides simple with solid background colors and minimal graphics. Use note cards and try practicing your presentation on a roommate or family member first. If appropriate, a game such as Jeopardy or Who Wants to be a Millionaire can help liven up a presentation and encourage audience participation.
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