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A great business that is often overlooked is a daycare center, which is something that most every parent needs at some time. When you start a daycare, the costs and risk that are involved are usually extremely low. If you have children already that helps even more with the costs involved.

The best way to start is with some friends or family members that may need help and then slowly take on more children. Also, you will need to check local laws to see how many children you can watch at a time. But, in the end, the money is great and there are not too many outside expenses.

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A DIY garage renting out tools, lifts and other supplies by the hour and offers consultations with pro mechanics.
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Hotels on the Las Vegas strip can encourage more families to stay if they offer babysitting services.
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Service where you give them pictures of a friend or loved one and they create edible life-sized chocolate sculptures of them.
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Put vending machines next to pay pumps at gas stations.
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Was thinking the other day you should be able to drop in a quarter when you walk in a grocery store or something and choose a song to queue up over the next 20 min or something.
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