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I think it would be interesting to somehow measure what effect forced smiling and/or laughing on a regular basis has on your mood or mental well-being. Researchers at the University of Tokyo believe it has a positive effect on mood and they have developed a refrigerator that is significantly easier to open when you smile in front of it. It's equipped with a digital camera that senses if you're smiling. There are many other applications for it such as requiring patients to smile to enter their psychiatrist's office or for jail inmates to leave their cell.

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I love psychology and enjoy doing things to watch other people's reactions.  I will be driving along a highway and suddenly (but safely) swerve as if I'm driving around road kill or a piece of wood in the highway; whatever.  Then I watch in my rear view mirror to see that every car behind me will swerve just as I did, even though they can plainly see there's nothing there!  Another one I like to try:  sitting in the fast food drive-thru lane, I'll look out my window and stare up in the air a few seconds.  Then I watch in my mirror to see all the drivers behind me look out and up; only they are looking around for what I saw, so they look longer than I did.
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That is too funny! A fast food restaurant is great for experiments. You could walk into one to see a long line. Go in with a young child and ask to cut in line because "he needs to be to daycare in seven minutes." See what they say. Then try the same a different time with a senior citizen who "needs to be at an AARP meeting in seven minutes." Finally, two teens come in asking to cut in because they have front row seats to an NBA game in seven minutes. If there are a number of people in line they'll probably get a lot of flak (and maybe the wrong order!).
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Nothing is Infinite or Unique


Picture this.


You're sitting in front of a computer and one pixel in the top left screen is lit; all the others are blank. The program moves the pixel across the screen, point by point, column by column, row by row. When it gets to the bottom two pixels appear at the top of the screen. The leftmost one stays where it is while the one on the right works its way down the screen. When it gets to the bottom, the one at the top moves over a spot and the one at the bottom jumps back up beside it to repeat its journey down the screen. By adding one pixel at a time and following this pattern, pretty soon everything that can be pictured will be pictured. That's an important point - everything that ever has or will exist in the visible universe will have been pictured.


Now, change the screen to a 6 foot cube and trade the pixels for elements. Sooner or later everything that can exist will exist in that cube; everything you can ever do will be some form of combination. Given enough time, repeats will have to occur in the future and must have occurred in the past (if eternity exists in either direction). Given enough space and matter they'll be repeating right now out there too.


Could this explain deja vu?

Could this explain deja vu?

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