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Why No Deja Vu?

We've all had the experience of suddenly feeling like we're doing something we've done before. The question is, why don't we have that feeling when we really are doing something exactly the same as we've done it before? I've seen the same intro on movie screens, clicked on an e-mail icon to check my mail, and turned right at the light when leaving the neighborhood hundreds of times, and never once did I get a feeling of deja vu. Why not?

Been Where, Done What?

Speaking of deja vu, someone should do a study on deja vu experiences to see if they're taking place in clusters based on date, location, or age group. If an epidemiologist found some sort of a pattern then it might be possible to predict where and when the next occurrence would take place - sort of a pre vu of deja vu.
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Another Deja Vu Theory

Recent scientific evidence shows that we unconsciously decide to do something about half a second before we consciously make the decision to do it. Aside from the obvious free will questions this brings up another question: what would happen if the gap increased? Our sense of self, or orientation point, has been found to be in the left parietal lobe (the place in our heads where the 'I' is located). Since it has a physical position there's no reason the nerve inputs attached to it couldn't suffer a slowdown. If the gap increased significantly now and then it would explain why we sometimes suddenly feel like we're doing something we've already done. In reality we would have already done it. Our conscious mind is just trying to catch up to that fact.
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Active Biofeedback

For amateur meditators...

This would simply combine currently available biofeedback machines with a negative response stimulator (which could be anything from an annoying whistle to a heatpad). When you're ready to meditate you'd set the controls to the brain wave state you want to reach, sit back in your chair, and try to avoid the negative stimulus. Kind of a "you're getting hotter, you're getting colder" approach to learning how to meditate. If nothing else, it would give you an objective evaluation of your progress.
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Telepathic Theory

Quantum entanglement of the qualia (the point inside our heads where thoughts and emotions converge)... When two atoms are entangled, any change to one immediately creates the same change in its twin with no measurable force being transferred between the two. This theory suggests that the same action could account for telepathy with the subjects' qualia taking the place of atoms. Concentration, or 'intent', might be the entangling force, so any fluctuation in its strength would cause the entanglement to appear and disappear.

In the past there have been experiments that resulted in a 35% success rate in the exchange of information occurred when mere guessing should have produced a 25% exchange rate. It would be interesting to repeat those experiments with subjects specifically chosen based on their ability to maintain a high degree of concentration.
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Removable Me's

Speaking of the left parietal lobe, it would be nice if we could switch the nerve inputs going into it from a source person to a target person. The target would then be able to retrieve all of the memories the source possessed. It would make getting information out of serial killers and terrorists a whole lot easier.
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Design an alternative "5 a day" diet for emotional health comprising 5 things to do or to think each day to meet one's psychological needs.
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