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If you're in an unsanitary area, especially outside the US, prevent hepatitis E by washing your hands after using any bathroom, drink only bottled/boiled water, and eat only food that's freshly cooked (and cooked well). Try to eat only peelable fruits and vegetables. If you only have non-peelable ones rinse and clean them well.
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Concrete Resonance Drill

Vacuuming our way towards the trapped...

Whenever there's a strong earthquake in a populated area it seems like one or more people get buried in the rubble. Afterwards, rescuers race to dig out the survivors before they suffocate. A lot of the time the digging involves hacking away at large pieces of concrete until they're small enough to be pried off of the stack and hauled away. The concrete resonance drill might speed up the process. When placed against pieces of concrete it would calculate the destructive resonance frequency and spread it through the concrete, causing the pieces to crumble under the strain. If they crumbled enough we might even be able to vacuum them away with a modified Dyson vacuum cleaner attached to the drill. That would still leave us the tangle of rebar to cut our way through but this would be easier with all of the concrete stripped off of it. We might even be able to drill a hole all the down to the survivors using this technique, giving them some air and a better chance of survival while we work at cutting through the rebar.
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Blazing Dogs

Inspired by two true stories.

A couple of newspaper stories. In the first one police were describing how their tasers proved ineffective against a group of dogs that were attacking someone. In the second one police reported that a man burst into flames when they fired their tasers at him (Raleigh, NC). So maybe you can see where this is going. The reason the man burst into flames was because he had spilled some gas on himself just before he decided to resist arrest. By combining the two stories we get a new form of taser, one that has a small capsule of gas just ahead of the taser needles. When the capsule hit a pit bull (or some other dog that was in attack mode), it would rupture, spreading a small amount of gas on the dog. Seconds later the needles would hit, igniting a small flame. Seems like this would have a better chance of getting the dog to back off (of course the police might also want to have a fire extinguisher handy in case the dog took off and started leaving small
fires in its path).
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Flash Mob of Helpers

922, 933, 944, etc.

This idea would take advantage of the fact that any cellphone that's turned on can be located within 50 feet using current technology.  It would work something like this...

Suppose your car breaks down and you've already called a road service company that said they'd be there in the typical hour or so.  In the meantime another car pulls over and out jumps one or more suspicious-looking characters. You dial 922 which then sends a special ringtone to every active cellphone within 100 yards or so. The pre-recorded message it sent would say something like "Possible danger. Please notice everything."

Or suppose you're walking through a park and you come across a couple that's having a loud argument which looks like it might turn violent at any minute. You dial 933 which sends a different ringtone to every cellphone in the area with the message "Domestic quarrel. Please notice everything." Hopefully it would draw enough eyewitnesses to keep the situation from turning violent.

After discussing this idea with a couple of other people we ended up with a split decision over its usefulness. Some said they'd never dial one of the numbers because it would be more likely to draw negative people to the scene than it would be to draw positive people. Others thought more positive people would show up. Personally I fall into the latter group, thinking it would act more like a mobile Neighborhood Watch Committee than an all-call for nutcases.
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Your Last Few Minutes of Life

A bluetooth tape recorder.

A lot of times we're in environments where the threat level is higher than normal but there is no specific threat yet. You can't dial 911 and say "hey listen up, I think something might happen." This idea would let anyone who's walking around now with a bluetooth headset sign up for an additional wireless service for a small fee. Once signed up you could speak a verbal PIN number when you're entering a potentially hostile environment. From that point on the headset would transmit everything within earshot to a server-based recorder maintained by the phone company. Once you were safely out of the hostile zone you'd say a 2nd PIN number to shut off the recording. If you never made it out of the danger zone, or made it out badly mangled, then this would give the police another piece of evidence to help them track down your assailants.
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GPS technology in cell phones that police departments could use to track criminals. They'd set a target area and be able to quickly contact individuals in a set radius and ask them to either report criminal activities or help them locate a criminal.
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Affordable child alarms like watches, necklaces and rings. Then they'd just press a button if they're in danger and it'd sound off like a car alarm.
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A system where emergency vehicle sirens interrupt the radio in all cars within 100 ft so drivers can act quickly and get out of the way.
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Motion- and speed-activated street lighting that lights up the immediate area ahead of and behind vehicles and pedestrians.
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