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Buses in hot countries like India don't have air conditioning. They should install exhaust fans in them. That way when they're crowded they'd stay cool and comfortable.
Shared by Sumanex (760 points)

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They should add audio systems in city buses that detect where the bus is and play information about the different areas of the city, landmarks, tourist sights, and their history as they pass through them. Same for tour buses and charter services.
Shared by a contributor
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Sunroofs on city buses for those hot summer months.
Shared by TakeFive (8,280 points)
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Provide free branded vinyl umbrella bags in rail stations and on buses to prevent wet umbrellas dripping everywhere.
Shared by thinkagain (7,340 points)
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Wifi on every bus and at every bus stop. DUH!
Shared by a contributor
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Power outlets on every bus. DERRRR!!!!
Shared by K OS (1,780 points)
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Radio on buses and at stops, either random stations, headphones next to each seat, you city peeps got any brains left!?!??! Hop to it lazy city workers! Longer hours and 24-hour buses on main streets too - it doesn't cost that much!!! Sundays are a complete joke! Can't get any crap done with reduced hours.
Shared by a contributor
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There should be trash cans next to every bus bench. I throw away my garbage in protest whenever there isn't one next to one of the benches!
Shared by a contributor
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Give me a freakin break. Bus schedules should be the same every day 365 a year to keep it simple! Wouldn't cost the cities much more and we could actually get stuff done on Sunday!!!
Shared by a contributor
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WTF Our bus system doesn't take credit cards for fares. For reals!? Public transportation should be free anyways. Doesn't cost the city that much, better for the environment, yada yada yada. No-brainer!
Shared by thinkagain (7,340 points)
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