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"Wheel for the Unfortunate"... a "Wheel of Fortune" game show for the jobless, the homeless, people whose homes got burned down, etc. WOF contestants are always such lame ass suits with great jobs. Are they the ones that really need the money? Uh, no. Time for some true reality in game shows. Or Ghetto Wheel of Fortune. Winner can get a lifetime supply of meth!
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Survivor - The Married Season.  This would be a typical season for the Survivor TV show with the exception that all of the players would be married couples.  It would be fun to see who'd be the first to say 'Honey, I love you, but for a million bucks you're out of here."
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I want to see a reality show where each week a fan (or parent if it's Little League) gets to become coach for a day. For instance, if their favorite team is the Chicago Bulls they could coach the Bulls for a day during preseason and the camera crew would follow them every step of the way. You'd see them talking with all the players and discussing strategy. They could prepare and bounce ideas off the current coach beforehand. Then you'd see them in action coaching on the sidelines (or in the dugout for baseball) during the preseason game and see if the team won.

The same could be done for passionate fans wanting to try their hand at coaching pro, college, high school, semi-pro, and Little League teams in baseball, basketball, football, hockey and other sports. Extending the concept further, there could be another show where a woman becomes mother for a day. A mother would take the day off from her family and a woman who isn't a mother, but thinking of becoming one, would step in to her shoes and experience what a mother goes through each day.
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"Real Heroes"

A show about ordinary, everyday heroes, whether it's real-life emergencies or charitable sacrificies of time/effort. There goes our heroes... Watch them as they go.
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