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Pelican Road Trips

Let the kids be backseat flyers.

Now that rear-vision cameras have become fully baked it's about time we take the next technological leap and fully integrate front, rear and side view cameras into a helmet for kids that can keep track of its own orientation and smoothly change the view as you turn this way and that. Done well, it will give the kids the illusion that they are the car.

A set of buttons on the side of the helmet could make the view even more interesting. One button would let them zoom in for a closer look at whatever they're passing. Another would let them replay the scene (tapping it to rewind the TiVo-based logic in 15-20 second increments). Another would make the question - "Did you see that!" - completely rhetorical as it could send the recorded scene to whichever sibling they were talking to. And another button would play whatever DVD you slid into a slot on the back of their helmet. If nothing else, these helmets would cut back on the number of head injuries kids get in accidents.
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Peter "Wolf" Toth carved 67 statues (at least one in every state in the US) honoring Native Americans. Set out on a trip and go visit all of them.
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Wake up and leave before light to make a car vacation special. Traveling on deserted city streets to reach the desert before the heat of day (at 4 AM) is one of my fondest memories growing up. We drove through all those blinking red lights.
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