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Now your luggage can be trained as well as your dog. Hop is a hands-free suitcase that automatically follows you wherever you go based on signals from your mobile phone. If the robot strays too far it will alert you on your phone and lock up so no one can open it. It's currently in the development stages though.

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Polar Bear Express

Saving the bears (sorry about that seals).


Experiments are currently underway to create a solar-powered, underwater robot for long-term use in monitoring water quality. Arctic warming is threatening polar bears who have a shortened hunting season due to the ice melting sooner. The idea for this invention - disguise the solar-powered vehicles as small sheets of ice and periodically make them seek out radio signals that we'll have tagged the polar bears with. This way every so often a sheet of ice will show up to ferry the bear around the hunting grounds, letting them stay out there longer, increasing their chances of survival and decreasing their nuisance factor to the communities in the area (of course the "underwater" adjective applied to this new vehicle would have to be changed to "partially underwater").


Yes, there are toxins out there

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A special type of robot that teaches you to play the piano by moving your hands.
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