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school saftey ideas

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School Shooter Debilitator

This would be a device that is mounted in every classroom, work office or any building that gathers people.  With cameras and wired connection to a trained police department, the device is designed to immediately notify police of a shooting or dangerous situation and have remote controlled access for dibilitating a shooter.  

The device is equipped with some form of debilitating agent (tranquilizer darts, mace, tazer, pellets, bullets, etc).  Depending on the best and most practical method, the device would have a remote controlled shooting mechanism.  Triggered by the sound of gunfire or by the yelling of an activated distress word, the device immediately notifies a trained police officer and they are engaged at their remote operating center.  Like a video game, the officer has the ability to scan the classroom and take out the shooter with remote fire power.  Control of the device would be entirely restricted to law enforement.
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