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If the sharks turn down a biz give viewers the chance to invest in it by posting a toll-free number or a website with details.
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For the Shark Tank TV show, a few basic things to keep in mind...  The sharks are usually looking for innovative takes on existing products/services or groundbreaking new products. The more sales you've had in the past the better. If there's any chance your technology or technique may be patentable give it a shot. A patent is a huge advantage. Getting a trademark is also a big plus. Make sure you're not asking for too much money. While the percentage of equity the sharks get is negotiable, they must invest at least the amount you are asking for. Think ahead about whether you want to give up majority ownership in your company (you would no longer have full control of its strategic direction), what strengths and connections each particular shark would bring to the table, and whether you are looking to grow the business yourself or prepare it for a sale to a larger company. Make sure you can present your product effectively. You don't want to be at a loss for words when you get up there in front of them.

As far as specific product ideas to present on the show, youth baseball players are always looking for an edge when training. In games the umpire determines whether a pitch is a ball or a strike. But when a pitcher is throwing practice to a batter it's harder to gauge whether a pitch caught the edge of the strike zone (both from a batter's and a pitcher's perspective). A product could be designed to determine whether a pitch is a strike based on invisible lasers emitted from a home plate, knee pads and shoulder patches worn by the batter. The intersection of the three sets of lasers would form the strike zone for that particular batter. If the ball is hit the location the ball makes contact with the bat could be a factor too. The plate would indicate by color or sound whether the pitch was a ball or strike. You could adjust the height so that the strike zone doesn't extend all the way up to the shoulders or all the way down to the knees. Same with the sides of the plate depending on how liberal you expect the umpire's strike zone to be. This could help pitchers estimate their ball/strike ratio during practice and help batters know whether they're chasing too many bad pitches. If you have a passion for baseball or science feel free to run with the idea.
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