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Most people do not have a lot of money when they are trying to start a business so why not try your hand at the landscaping/maintenance business? While it may seem difficult, you can literally start with just a lawn mower and a tank of gas. Head out to your neighborhood and start knocking on doors to get some clients. You can even offer to do the first cut free to try and gain their business!

This is a great idea because it can be a full-time business no matter where you live. Once the weather starts to get a little chilly people will need to use you for raking their leaves. After the weather turns really frigid you can go around to the same people and offer to shovel their driveways. At first you may work very hard with primitive tools, like a shovel and rake, but after a year of building clients you will probably be able to upgrade all your equipment to start making some real money!
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Immortality Bricks


Let future archaeologists discover you. This idea is actually a derivative of one of Saddam Hussein's practices. He had his name imprinted on a lot of bricks so his name would be passed on down to future generations. I'm thinking some enterprising brick manufacturer should offer to embed plastic dog tags inside the bricks for a reasonable price. The dog tag would give your name and a short bio. That information would also be repeated in a couple of different languages, giving you the chance to become the next Rosetta Stone.

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One-time use disposable packets of hair gel like the ones for ketchup, etc. Sell them at bars and clubs in dispensing machines or as a box.
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Rentable umbrella stands at Metro stations and other busy hubs.
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