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Swimming ideas

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Building a Better Shallow End

A lot of swimming pools really don't have a shallow end that parents can let their youngest children use. These kids have to wear floaties or a life vest and never get to stand up in the water. A small, collapsible mini-pool that fits inside the regular pool would take care of that. This mini-pool would have a solid plastic floor, mesh netting sides, and 4 corner poles (connected by crossbars under the floor to help it keep its shape). The floor could be raised or lowered using notches on the corner poles (a side would be moved higher up on a pole than the other to create a flat surface where the floor of the pool slopes down). I'd still put floaties or a vest on the kids but at least this way they could play in their own shallow end without always having to float around without their feet touching the ground.
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Underwater Glasses


Children belonging to the Moken tribe in Southeast Asia are trained from a very young age to narrow their pupils when swimming underwater. This lets them see underwater as clearly as we do when we're out of the water. It shouldn't be too hard to create a wraparound facemask that would mimic the effect of narrowed pupils, something along the lines of focusing the incoming light so it would match what was seen when our pupils are shrunk. That way we could all see clearly underwater. If we can't get the optics in the glasses to do the trick then maybe we could find something like cryptochrome that would work on our eyes (this substance forces the pupils in chicken eyes to contract). It could be applied like Visine right before we went diving.

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Floating in Style

Might as well make the wait more comfortable.

It's too bad they didn't put a little more thinking into it when they designed inflatable lifejackets. Instead of just copying the shape of the old lifejackets they were replacing they could have added all sorts of new features:

1. A hood rolled into the collar like some regular jackets so you could pull it out to keep the sun/rain off of you.

2. A segment attached to the back that you could inflate into the shape of a lounge chair so you could kick back and relax while you're waiting for the rescue (air mattresses don't take up much space when they're empty).

3. Telescopic plastic poles on each side of the jacket holding a big square piece of plastic between them so you could pull them up when the wind was blowing and feel like you were getting somewhere even if you didn't know where.

4. A small bottle of bright yellow dye that you could pull out and spread around to give searchers something bigger than a little orange lifejacket dot to spot.
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Stay Warm in the Water

An anti-hypothermic lifejacket.

A long time ago I took a trip up to Mt. Washington in New Hamsphire. The temperature at the top was a hell of a lot colder than the temperature down below.  A gift store up at the top sold little packages whose contents, when crushed inside the bag, would emit enough heat to keep your hands quite warm (they were almost too hot to hold). The makers of lifejackets could add something similar to their product. They'd be embedded in the inner lining where someone treading water could trigger them as needed to warm the core of their body. The invention might just buy them enough time to get rescued before dying of hypothermia.
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