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Time Capsule ideas

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The Beeping Past

Buy a "Never-Lost Time Capsule" for future peace of mind.

The problem with most time capsules is that either the people who bury them either die before it's time to dig them up or lose track of where they buried them (I've experienced the latter). The new "Never-Lost Time Capsule" would solve both of these problems. Like many modern time capsules, these new ones would be made out of PVC. These would have two passive RFID tags though, one mounted on their outside surface and a backup mounted on the inside. With this type of capsule you'd never have to worry about forgetting exactly where you buried it again (as long as you didn't bury it more than 3 feet deep). When it came time to open the capsule you'd just scan the general area the same way you do with a metal detector and be able to see right where you should start digging (since I mentioned metal detectors I should also mention that using this medium instead of just burying something in a big chunk of metal keeps you from wasting your time digging up false positives)

For those who preferred to use their own capsule we could offer another alternative - a small cube with identical RFID tags on each face. They could just toss this in with the rest of the junk and get the same benefit.


Lost Time Capsules

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Ultimate Time Capsule


Any sufficiently advanced race could create a time capsule that would last billions of years just by placing it near the event horizon of a black hole where time would almost seem to stop for the capsule. If another advanced race came along and plucked the capsule out of its orbit they would find a fairly new-looking artifact that might be billions of years old. This wouldn't be a bad place to store a library.

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