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Tourists often aren't familiar with the country they are visiting. When they have the opportunity to donate goods (pens to a school, for instance) they don't know how to go about it. They should set up a website/service with this information for tourists.
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In developing countries the tourism development agencies should make cheaper guides/interpreters available. There are teens in these poor countries that are intelligent and could learn the foreign languages the travelers in that region speak. That would help the youth in these areas earn more money and bring in more tourist dollars to the residents.
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Build Atlantis City, a classically-themed underwater tourist destination under the Atlantic Ocean
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Build a life-sized "Island of Sodor" with real Thomas the Tank Engine trains, rides and adventure parks.
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Place informative, star-shaped sign markers at locations that have been used in film and TV.
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An online government comment book for foreign visitors to post what they liked/disliked like about the country they visited.

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