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Stopping at each station slows down a train's average speed a ton. They should design a non-stop train system so they don't have to stop the train itself to let passengers off. Passengers would enter and exit through pilot boxes which would either attach to the front of the train or be detached from the back near each station while the train is still moving. Those boxes carrying some of the passengers would stop at the stations for them to get off.
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An emergency parachute brake on runaway trains to help them decelerate quickly before a collision.
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Why the hell don't they (at least they don't here) have sensors to read the bus passes out of your pocket as soon as you walk on the bus? Ridiculous. Lazy city workers. Can't spend a few bucks. Waste so much time fishing the pass out of my pocket. Speaking of that technology, Hobby Lobby actually puts tracking on their candy bars! Crazy. Arrested me for swiping a $1 Krackel. Really peeps?
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