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Requested in Arts & Entertainment by Dreamer (8,430 points)

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The Dead Show TV Channel

For the rest of the story.

A lot of times TV shows getting only marginal ratings go on hiatus, never to return. This almost happened to "The Last Comic Standing," where the last episode happened to be the finale and the network dropped it before it was shown. Fortunately the Comedy Channel picked it up so we could see it. With other shows, like Fox's "The Champ," we weren't so lucky. The remaining episodes were never shown.

Subscribers to the Dead Show TV Channel would never have to worry about being caught in a similar situation again. This channel would buy up the unused episodes of every cancelled series and let you choose when you want to watch them (the same way HBO has set it up so you can see reruns by episode number for its series). Since the networks don't intend to show the remaining episodes they might be willing to sell them for a pittance, especially if that pittance included promos for their new shows. Getting the product (unseen shows) cheap, and having a steady demand (the subscribers) should make this new channel profitable. The shows might have been cancelled because millions of people weren't watching them, but that doesn't mean a few hundred thousand wouldn't like to see the endings.
Shared by JFR (6,080 points)

+3 votes
Why not a device on your TV that activates when you're watching a show and start channel surfing during a commercial break? When the break is over it would alert you so you can go back to the show without missing any of it.
Shared by smoovejuice82 (200 points)
+2 votes
Someone should start 70's, 80's, and 90's TV channels. Each network would focus on programming related to its decade. Play old TV shows, movies, sports, music videos, concerts, biographies of famous figures, documentaries of important events and, of course, That 70's/80's Show and I Love The 70's/80's/90's if they could get the rights to them.
Shared by Dreamer (8,430 points)
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+2 votes
NCMM News Channel

Not Covered by the Major Media News Channel

There are a lot of non-mainstream news sources on the net (Guerrilla News Network, Above Top Secret, News is Free, etc.) but no non-mainstream news shows on TV, at least not in the US. Even the net news sources contain a lot of redundant material.

A new cable TV channel could fill in the gap. Its sole purpose would be to provide news stories that haven't been covered by the major media in the country the channel is broadcast from. For instance, stories on the BBC that weren't covered by either NBC, ABC, or CBS in the US would be shown on the US version of this channel, along with other stories from other countries. The British version would show stories that the US (and other countries) covered that the BBC didn't cover. If any of the stories were picked up by one of the local major media outlets then it would immediately be dropped from the NCMM channel. This way we'd get to see news that didn't make it into the top 10 or 11 daily stories that the major channels were able to deliver during their limited on-air time.
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+2 votes
See Everything

Advanced picture-in-a-picture - let's see something besides other channels.

The TV I've got now will show me the caller ID of someone who's calling during the middle of a program so I'll know whether or not to get up and answer it. The TV also has a picture-in-picture function that can show me in a little box on the screen what's on another channel while the rest of the screen stays on the current channel.

The invention, the feature I'd like to see added, is wireless imports from other devices that could be displayed in the same picture-in-a-picture box. For instance, a button on the remote could display connected wireless sources as I surfed through them, showing me who's knocking on the front door, what's making the baby cry in the other room, etc.
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+1 vote
Optional scrawl feature at the bottom of the screen.  Right now words will scroll by if there's a weather emergency, or sports scores if you're watching a baseball or football game.  This new feature would just turn on/off the scrawl bar and give you a choice of what you'd like to see - good quotes, jokes, etc..  It could be paid for by companies who want to have their logos appear  between the quotes and jokes.  It would also help promote couples bliss by giving guys something to read during a chick-flick and vice versa.
Shared by longshot9999 (320 points)
Yes, so many guys will sit through a sappy romantic flick if they can have ESPN's Bottom Line scrolling during the first half of the movie and then switch over to news/weather/politics rotating below during the second half of it. I don't think the ladies will object since the scroller will become a normal part of their TV viewing habits. It shouldn't be hard to build this into the Apple or Google TV's or Roku boxes.
0 votes

If you don't have a DVR, Roku or Smart TV and miss an episode of your favorite show (or want to watch an instant-view movie from Netflix) you can hook up a mobile device or computer to the TV. There are lots of possibilities but what worked for me was connecting a 30-pin dock connector to female VGA connector into an iPad. Then I connected the female VGA connector to a male VGA which had another male VGA on the other side. That male VGA went into the TV and voila... Then you can watch on-demand Showtime, HBO, Encore, Starz, ESPN, TNT, Hulu, and YouTube to name a few. Many will prompt you to enter login information for your cable provider.

Shared by thinkagain (7,340 points)
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The manufacturers should embed bluetooth capability into TV's like there is in cell phones so cordless headphones will work automatically.
Shared by Hulash (140 points)
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An interactive TV feature synced with your cellphone so you can click to instantly get info on any reference made in a show you're watching.

Shared by a contributor
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An option to pay cable or satellite companies for just the amount of time used if they don't use it much.

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Include 2 remotes with every television instead of one.
Shared by thinkagain (7,340 points)
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A countdown timer in the top corner of the TV during commercials to indicate when the show will be back on.

Shared by Donna F (790 points)
0 votes
The Simpsons channel!
Shared by a contributor
0 votes
Equip TV's with a remote finder so you hit a button on the set and an alarm goes off telling you where the remote control is.
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There's a channel for friggin everything. Is there a Car Channel? There probably is and I missed it. If not there should be. NASCAR and Indy races, history of different models, shows about technological innovations in autos, automobile trivia, Pimp My Ride episodes, profiles of celebs like Seinfeld and Leno and their car collections, plenty of car commercials during the breaks, it goes on forever...
Shared by thinkagain (7,340 points)

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