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Room In A Bottle

A vacation adrift.

There are plans in the works to build a new underwater hotel in the Bahamas in the near future so people can watch the fish swim by during their stay. This idea could be taken one step further and create bubble rooms that would be dropped off by cruise ships on their way out and picked up on their way back. These self-contained rooms could be lowered to anywhere from 1 foot to 200 feet according the renter's whim. A computer on board would automatically take them to a depth that put them far below any ship which happened to be coming their way to avoid collisions (it would also force them to the surface when the cruise ship returned to make their retrieval easier).
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Chartered vacations... A holiday discount website where people register their interest in a holiday. After enough people sign on the holiday would be booked and they'd get a group discount.
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Consider taking a vacation to a poor region. It may be rougher but your money goes a lot farther for you since the travel costs are so much lower and you'll help the economy where it needs it most.
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Rent a flat or hotel room instead of buying a vacation home to use only a couple weeks a year while it's vacant the rest of the time. Can save you a lot of money renting weekly or monthly and can still vacation elsewhere.
Shared by LWBaum (5,620 points)

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