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Evaluation By Dagger

Make sure your boss gets the point.

I don't know about anyone else, but climate surveys, 360 degree evaluations and the like don't really let me evaluate some of my bosses the way I'd like to. If upper management really wants to know which managers are contributing to low morale and which ones aren't, then they should create a couple of long, narrow evaluation rooms that the employees could use any time they feel like it. The rooms would have a set of 20 daggers at one end and a blank board at the other. Employees would enter, key in a manager's name (or fellow employee for that matter), and a picture of the person would be projected onto the blank board at the other end of the room. Then they'd start throwing the knives at it. You could be pretty sure that whichever managers had the most knives thrown at them during any 3-month period were not helping morale very much.

In order for this to work there would have to be a couple of conditions. Employees would only get one set of knives per trip to the evaluation room. Those who used the room would be guaranteed anonymity. And no manager could select the picture of one of his peers (to keep them from trying to offset their own negative evaluation). In addition to giving upper management a better assessment of how their employees feel, it would give the employees a very refreshing way to vent.
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They Are There

Take 2 lefts, 3 rights, circle the printer and head west.

As a consultant I'm often working at companies where it takes at least a few days to figure out who's sitting where. This solution is for a wireless monitor to be placed near the entry doors that would pick up signals from the network traffic when people signed onto their system and superimpose the users names on top of a map of the cubicles. That way when someone said go see so-and-so I'd just have to stop by the monitor to see where they were sitting. It would display the last location they logged on from if they weren't currently logged in.

Two additional features. A keyboard to type in part of the person's name so the cubicles whose names began with the same letters could light up on the board making it easier to spot who you were looking for. The monitor should also have a "search all floors" button so it could scan the building and show you where the person was if they weren't on the same floor.

For the sake of convenience it should also be possible to bring up the same thing you can see on the monitor on your desktop if you've been assigned one.
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As the US population ages pension expenses go through the roof. To control these costs don't set a fixed retirement age. Calculate the retirement age as a percentage of the current life expectancy at birth instead. 85% of 80 yrs = 68.
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If there's too many people at work to have birthday parties try one party for all of them once a month.
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Have a campaign to encourage employers to provide more opportunities for workers to exercise during the day the same way schools have to offer physical education.
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