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High school can be one of the best times of your life. Your yearbook holds the memories from these school years. If you decide to create your own yearbook make it special with a title that signifies the year you had. Think about including the name of your school and school colors. Fill it with mementos from the year(s) such as ticket stubs from championship sports games and Prom/Homecoming, brochures from school plays and graduation, award ribbons from Science Fairs and Spelling Bees, and club member photos to personalize it.
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A yearbook can preserve many great memories from younger times such as a date with one's boyfriend or girlfriend or a memorable school performance. You can choose a theme for your yearbook, such as "always and forever," "pages in time," "and so it was," "no two ways about it," or "have what it takes." The cover can also be designed in an expressive way: you could use balloons, disco lights, auroras, an apple with a bite out of it... The possibilities are endless.
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