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Date line idea: 1-800-HOT-MAMA

Company logo idea: Uh, You're Doing it Wrong

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7 ideas
Requested in Arts & Entertainment by a contributor
Albums of bands playing professionally re-recorded versions of the...
4 ideas
Requested in Science & Technology by a contributor
A radio station where every hour is taken over by a different...
2 ideas
Requested in Arts & Entertainment by Dreamer (8,670 points)
The NFL is now talking about pay-to-play, letting Coldplay,...
1 Idea
Requested in Arts & Entertainment by Argo (2,640 points)
Hearing aids that are MP3 players.
1 Idea
Requested in Arts & Entertainment by JFR (6,080 points)
Pavlov's Dancing Shoes These shoes would be for people who wanted...
1 Idea
Requested in Arts & Entertainment by a contributor
The StringBoard Guitar. Since the components for keyboards keep...
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